Quality policy

Quality policy:

The quality policy is an integral part of the overall business management policy and is the guiding ideology and commitment of the company's quality management. The basic requirements should include the company's organizational goals and customer expectations and needs, as well as the company's quality behavior. The company's quality policy is as follows:

① Make fine business, win by quality.

② Meticulous system and refined management.

③ Continuous improvement and innovation.

Quality target:

According to the company's quality policy requirements, the company's quality objectives are as follows:

① The quality management system covers the entire process of business operation;

② Quality system documentation and implementation rate is 100%;

③ The quality internal audit coverage rate is 100%;

④ The passing rate of finished products is 100%;

⑤ The customer satisfaction rate is 100%;

⑥ The accident rate is zero.

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