EHS policy

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management policy: Comply with laws and regulations, prevent environmental pollution, control potential safety hazards, reduce health risks, conserve resources and energy, and implement continuous improvement.

Comply with laws and regulations: Obey the environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations and other requirements related to the production, operation, management and other activities of the enterprise.

Prevent environmental pollution: Strengthen environmental education for all employees to improve the environmental awareness and social responsibility of all employees, prevent environmental pollution to create a beautiful and harmonious environment to prevent pollution accidents.

Control potential safety hazards: Safety first, prevention first.

Reduce health risks: Identify the source of danger and implement a full staff, full process, and all-round safety management.

Conserve resources and energy: The company promises to use advanced science and technology and equipment to save natural resources, improve energy efficiency and benefit future generations.

Implement continuous improvement: Enhance the ability to meet the required revolving activities, continuously improve the environmental and occupational health and safety work, enable the enterprise to continuously improve the environmental and safety management level, ensure the life and property security of workers and the enterprise, and achieve sustainable development.

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